Navigating Brexit

Over the coming months, Hill+Knowlton Strategies will be providing an analysis of political and policy updates on an ongoing basis on Brexit, as well as offering its counsel on the strategic implications for businesses. 

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Entering Unchartered Waters | The Next Steps for Brexit

Brussels, like the rest of the world, is still reverberating from the implications of the UK’s vote to leave the EU. As the formerly dim prospect of untangling the legal ‘spaghetti’ of the United Kingdom’s involvement in the European Union becomes unavoidable, lawmakers in Britain and the rest of the EU are being drawn into the uncertainty that many had foreseen in the event of this outcome. 

Communicating the EU Message

The need to communicate the EU message is even more important in times of crisis. With debates across EU Member States attacking the fundamental purpose of the EU itself, we need a new narrative that can reach the public convincingly.

%$@&%! (Or Why the EU Can’t Ignore the Encryption Debate)

It is clear that the debate of personal security and privacy versus national security is not a new one, yet the circumstances of this debate are different. With entire sectors now reliant on a secure digital environment in order to be able to conduct business, and more and more sensitive information stored online, keeping our technologies secure has become of paramount importance for the functioning of Europe’s economies. 

Where Should Scotland Go Next?

Scotland is facing the prospect of being removed from an international organisation against its will in the upcoming EU referendum, and by none other than the ‘Auld Enemy’, the sasannaich themselves -making it all the more intolerable. Thanks to Scotland’s ‘Venn diagram’ of political unions, it risks being dragged out the EU and forced into an unhappy and soon-to-be-lonelier marriage with its southerly neighbours. Polls have consistently shown Scotland to be more pro-EU than England and Wales, and so the prospect of Scotland voting “yes” to the EU while the rest of the UK vote “no” on June 23rd, is real.